Quality Control

Our vision at AirEnergy is the long-term course of the company and its consolidation as the leading company for the design and construction of renewable energy projects, while maintaining the values ​​for sustainable development in the context of society.

Air Energy’s mission is the continuous improvement in all our areas of activity, the provision of high quality products and services, the satisfaction of our customers and the reward of all those involved in our business activity.

The core values ​​of AirEnergy are:

  1. The absolute responsibility in providing our services and products
  2. Efficiency and effectiveness in what we do
  3. Teamwork, synergy and collaboration
  4. Achieving our goals and the goals of our Customers
  5. The continuous improvement of the level of information and training of our Executives

Our objective goals are:

  1. Effective project planning, management, execution and monitoring.
  2. The provision of our services within the scheduled appointments.
  3. The full coverage and satisfaction of the requirements of the Customers
  4. The continuous improvement of the quality of the services we provide
  5. The continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System
  6. Providing complete solutions to our Customers
  7. Timely and effective diagnosis of the needs of our Customers

To achieve our goals requires:

  1. Satisfaction of legal and regulatory requirements
  2. The continuous monitoring of the relevant Legislation
  3. Compliance with our contractual obligations during the implementation of projects
  4. Adherence to AirEnergy procedures, regulations and policies
  5. Continuous monitoring and timely information on developments in the industry
  6. The provision of the necessary resources for the implementation of the projects and the operation of the System
  7. The selection of specialized Associates
  8. The continuous training and development of human resources
  9. The use of appropriate, reliable and modern equipment and infrastructure
  10. The design, adoption, monitoring and implementation of a system of Quality & Performance Indicators & Targets at each stage of operation and at each hierarchical level, with the ultimate goal of the best possible control and optimization of AirEnergy operation
  11. The pursuit of continuous upgrading of the Quality Policy and its communication to all staff, in order to achieve compatibility with the general and current rules of AirEnergy.

All of us, Management and Employees, are COMMITTED to the above to ensure that AirEnergy’s name continues to be synonymous with high quality service.

Quality Policy