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Project Evaluation

AirEnergy offers due diligence services during M&A processes, providing sound and substantiated reporting to the client. The Company provides a complete assessment for any project by performing: Technical evaluation, Financial evaluation, Yield assessment review

Feasibility Assessment

Having a thorough understanding of current market prices as a result of the company’s involvement in the construction of a windfarm (eg excavation and concrete costs, reinforcement costs, etc.) as well as the good relations that the company maintains with large manufacturers of wind turbines (wind turbine costs), AirEnergy is in a position to offer its customers integrated and economic options on windfarm construction and to recommend proposals with optimal results.

Licensing Evaluation

Having licensed windfarms of more than 1.500MW  and photovoltaic farms of more than 650MW throughout Greece and systematically monitoring and keeping abreast of any changes in the laws, rules and regulations, as well as to all the developments related to renewable energy, AirEnergy provides their customers with a thorough review and evaluation of the project to identify possible omissions or problems, in order to address these problems efficiently.