Design, licensing and construction of Renewable Energy Projects totaling over 2,500MW

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The company’s main activities are the design, development, construction and operation of wind and solar projects.

In AirEnergy’s partnership composition,
engineers and economists with long experience
in the field of Renewable Energy Sources,
are involved.


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Project Evaluation

AirEnergy provides ongoing assessment during all phases of development and providing detailed information to the customer on both techno-economic issues and licensing criteria.


AirEnergy undertakes all the necessary measures research and activities involved in implementing all aspects of wind and solar projects, including the necessary procedures required during the licensing process as well as during the construction phase.

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The company undertakes the full scope of construction and interconnection works for wind and solar projects.

AirEnergy has proven to be the most reliable solution in the timely and qualitative construction of the project.

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Asset Managment

AirEnergy provides full spectrum of operations and asset management services for third party owned power plants and institutional investors.
Our success in managing renewable assets stems from our competitive advantages and approach delivering significant added value to investors.