AirEnergy is engaged during all phases of the project, from the early stages of the project’s concept design, executing all necessary actions. The Company undertakes the entire permitting and licensing process as well as the licensing for all engineering activities related to the project design.

Our experienced executive staff in cooperation with our specialized associates can be counted on to offer dependable support and information by providing advice to the client on the best course of action to be taken in the implementation process of the project.

Evaluation Process

The company undertakes the evaluation of the project for each individual customer and presents proposals and solutions regarding:

  • The accessibility by road of the project site
  • The electrical connection to the network
  • The installation of the wind turbines or photovoltaic panels

Wind Capacity Measurement

Wind Capacity Measurements are necessary for the design and proper functioning of each wind farm.

  • In AirEnergy we have the required expertise for the effective selection of the measurement’s location, installation and maintenance, as well as the analysis of wind data.
  • We always perform high quality measurements, adapting constantly to our costumers’ needs, preferences and requirements.
  • In our reports, detailed graphs and tables with figures and diagrams of wind are included, while our report comes with full documentation of the methodology, process, results and measurements’conclusion.


Having experienced associates throughout Greece who possess the skills and knowledge necessary in designing a wind or solar farm, AirEnergy is able to provide a comprehensive study in the licensing process.

Examples of this procedure include:

  •  Surveys
  •  Energy
  •  Environmental
  •  Foresting
  •  Geotechnical – Geological
  •  Electromechanical

Licensing Procedure

Having licensed over 1500 MW of wind power projects and 650 MW of solar power projects throughout Greece and systematically monitoring all the amendments in the laws, rules and regulations while keeping abreast of all the developments in renewable energy, AirEnergy undertakes the necessary procedures, actions and research required to license a RES project.

Examples of the process involved include:

  • Production License
  • Connection Offer
  • Land Characterization
  • Approval Of Environmental Conditions
  • Connection Contract
  • Purchase Contract
  • Installation Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Operational Permit