Corporate Social Responsibility

At AirEnergy Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of its strategic planning. Our goal is to build a relationship of mutual trust with the whole society, but also with the local communities where we operate, offering quality jobs and reliable projects, always with respect for the environment.

For AirEnergy the triptych “Society – People – Environment” is a key pillar, as we know our duty to support local communities and those who need it, recognizing that people are our driving force.
Behind the actions of the company is always this recognition, which translates with specific moves, both locally and nationwide.

At AirEnergy we believe that we all have a share of responsibility in the environmental and social footprint, which is why we are committed to a strict system of principles and values, putting people and the environment first.
Always consistent with our customers, employees and local communities, we are constantly committed to new Corporate Social Responsibility actions and social, environmental and educational programs.