AirEnergy was established in 2008 to focus on the energy transition towards a more sustainable future in Greece. The company’s main activities are the design, development, construction and operation of Renewable Energy projects.

In AirEnergy‘s partnership composition engineers and economists with long experience in the field of RES are involved, providing the highest standard of services to our clients.

Indicative of this experience are:

  • Design, development and licensing of projects with a total capacity of more than 2.500 MW
  • Organizing, coordination and supervision of wind farms implementation, with a total output of more than 600 MW
  • Construction of nine 150/20kV Substations and one 400/20kV High Voltage Control Center
  • Preparation and promotion of investment plans to subsidize wind farms, with a total capacity of 343 MW
  • Construction of infrastructure for 12 wind farms

From September 2009 until today, through strategic partnerships signed with large foreign groups, the company has undertaken the development of 29 Wind Frams and 16 Photovoltaic Parks.